Zest for Life



Zest for Life is a vegan raw-food cafe near the Museum Quarter. They serve delicious raw food options. All the dishes are homemade with organic ingredients. They focus on food that feeds the body instead of only filling it. On the menu you will find smoothies, juices, wraps, acai bowl, pring rolls, pizza, salads, Phaid Thai and delicious vegan, gluten and sugar-free desserts.





All the dishes are raw, vegan, gluten and sugar free.


  • Diet Options: Vegan, Plant-Based, Raw-Food, Gluten-Free, Lacto-Free, Sugar-Free
  • Dinner Options: breakfast, lunch, drinks
  • Price: Medium



Sir Hummus

Sir Hummus Amsterdam | Healthy Hotspots


Sir Hummus is Amsterdam’s first hummus eatery. They serve hummus in the most traditional way, as a main dish, served with delicious toppings and warm pita bread. The owners two brothers and one of their girlfriend are very kind and welcoming. The place is small, but very cozy and they serve here one of the best hummus in the city. You can experience here the true hummus eatery feeling like you will find in the Middel east. On the menu they have several different hummus plates. With vegan, vegetarian and a slow cooked beef option. There vegan plate for example is with eggplant and roasted pine nuts. I have visited this place several times and looking forward to visit this place again. I can highly recommend this place!


Sir Hummus Amsterdam | Healthy Hotspots


Sir Hummus Amsterdam | Healthy Hotspots


Sir Hummus Amsterdam | Healthy Hotspots


Sir Hummus Amsterdam | Healthy Hotspots

Sir Hummus Amsterdam

  • Diet options: vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, paleo
  • Dinner options: lunch, dinner
  • Price: low/medium


  • Location: Van der Helstplein 2, 1072 PH Amsterdam
  • Opening times: Monday – closed, Tuesday – Friday 12.00 – 20.00 hour, Saturday & Sunday 12.00 – 17.00 hour
  • Website: Sir Hummus Amsterdam

Healthy Restaurants in Amsterdam

Healthy Restaurants in Amsterdam | Healthy Hotspots


Amsterdam is my home town. Weekly I visit at least one healthy restaurant with friends, family or my boyfriend. Some are health food lovers, but not all. They make a great critical audience.


For me it’s important that the food is made of high quality ingredients and that it tastes great! If you go out for lunch or dinner with me you will not be chewing on a raw salad, but I will make sure you will enjoy your food and the place.


Here under I have carefully selected places that I really can recommend when you are looking for healthy food restaurants in Amsterdam. I hope you will enjoy the places as much as I do.


They are categorized by different categories. If you have any question or have special requests you can leave a question in the comment area.


Must Visits


The Meets and Lavinia good food are one of my favorite healthy restaurants. The Meets serves healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the menu you will find dishes like a granola, acai and chia bowl for breakfast, sandwiches with pooched egg and avocado, mackerel, buratta and falafel and more special dishes like a frittata, Mexican veggie burgers, mezze platters, salads and meet dishes for lunch and dinner.

Lavinia good food is located in the gallery area in Amsterdam, behind the Rijksmuseum. Here they serve delicious breakfast and lunch, think of dishes like salads of roasted vegetables and sweet potato, healthy sandwiches, veggie cocktails, spelt pizetta’s and gluten free banana pancakes with maple syrup and fresh fruits. The place is really cozy and everything you will find here like healthy cooking books are all for sale.




For dinner I can recommend D&A bistro located in the Jordan area and Mana Mana located in the Pijp area. Both are Mediterranean restaurant. They are very cozy and the atmosphere is relaxed with delicious food options. Both have some meat options on the menu. Great for if you are traveling with meat lovers. If you eat gluten free I can advise you to bring some gluten free bread as they serve many nice dips as baba ganoush and hummus. If needed they are happy to warm the bread up for you.


If you are more looking for a classic restaurant with healthy, fresh and locally sourced ingredients Restaurant Plantage is a great option. The restaurant is located on the east side of the city you can reach it with tram number 9, 10 minutes from the Dam square. The restaurant is located in a green house and overlooks the city zoo. The place is amazing, lots of light and a great interior design. The atmosphere is great and the staff is very kind and helpful. If you have any food allergies let them know they will do there upmost to help you. On the menu you will find delicious dishes like grilled eggplant carpaccio, ravioli filled with artichoke and potato, vegetarian risotto, fish and meat dishes and more.


All the above places I can highly recommend. They are great for every lifestyle diet, they serve great food, kind staff, nice interior and lots of options for healthy and non/less healthy food lovers.


Great Options Too


Another great place for lunch is Dignita it’s located a bit out of the city in the South of Amsterdam. They have a great earthworks vegan salad bowl and vegetarian zucchini and chickpea fritters and some other original and healthy dishes on the menu. If you are looking for a healthy lunch or breakfast place in the city center Vinnies is a nice place, a cozy lunchroom with healthy dishes like porridge or organic yoghurt for breakfast, sandwiches with pumpkin hummus, baba ganoush and more special dishes like cauliflower frittata with buckwheat, warm roasted eggplant, lentil salad, etc.


Salad Bars


Amsterdam has many salad bars. The 2 best ones would definitely be SLA and Venkel. At SLA you can create your own salad. You choose a grain or legume, 3 cooked vegetables, your dressing a topping and if you like you can add a premium like chicken, fish or sweet potato balls. Beside salads they serve soup with oatmeal bread, hummus, fresh juices and healthier desserts. They have several locations in the city, one in the city center behind the Rembrandt square, one at the Albert Cuyp market and one in the East of Amsterdam.


At venkel they serve 6 types of seasonal salads made from organic ingredients. Salads with fish, chicken, cheese and vegan options. Besides salads they serve homemade quinoa bread with hummus, fresh juices and healthier desserts.


Non Trendy Just Healthy Vegan/Vegetarian Food


If you don’t want a trendy place but a no nonsense healthy food restaurant you can find one in the Jordan area, named the Bolhoed. The Bolhoed serves healthy vegan and vegetarian lunch and dinner. It’s one of the oldest healthy restaurants of Amsterdam. Don’t expect here a fancy interior, but a cozy colorful place with real healthy food. I would say perfect for vegan and vegetarians.


Chocolate Lovers 


One of the hardest thinks I found was giving up chocolate, luckily now day’s there are many healthier chocolate options. Mumu Chocolates in Amsterdam is one of my favorites. You know the feeling of a delicious bonbon breaking up in your mouth, well here you will find them. The chocolates are handmade and vegan. They have different flavors and they add vitamins to them. In the shop they have a small corner with tables were if you want you can enjoy their delicious chocolates with a hot cup of tea or coffee. There chocolates make a great gift.


Juices & Smoothies


When on holiday I will always look around for some healthy juices to make sure I get my daily fruit and vegetable intake. We have a few nice juice places. I think the nicest ones are Roots, The Cold Pressed Juicery and Juice Brothers. They are all cold pressed juice places. If you are looking for the old fashioned way of juicing and smoothies Light Dark is a nice place. They have several locations in the city from city center, Museum square and across Anne Frank home. Take a look at their website to find your closest location.


Drinks and a bite


Feel like having a healthy drink and a small bite in a nice place CT Coffee & Coconuts located in the Pijp area is the right place for that. The place is just amazing. Here you can relax and hang back in one of the cozy sofa’s or sit bags, nip on your favorite drink and enjoy a healthy bite. Great place!


Vegan/Raw Food 


Zest for life & Yay health store, café & more are the two nicest vegan raw food bars we have. I like Zest a bit more than YAY, but some like YAY better. They are both great. Zest is located in the Museum square area, while YAY is located next to our famous food market Albert Cuyp.




Healthy eating is great, but needing to eat healthy or gluten-free out of health reason can be sometimes hard on holiday, especially when you are searching for healthy carbs. All the above restaurant have gluten-free options. I eat completely gluten-free and have no problem eating in one of the above mentioned places. If you are looking for gluten-free sandwiches Bagels & Beans is a great option. You will find them all over the city. They have a gluten-free and an oatmeal bagel and many delicious bread spreads and toppings. At Spaghetteria they serve gluten-free pasta. They have 3 locations in the city, one in South, West and East. For gluten-free pizza you can either go to the restaurant named Italiaan or Pina’s. I have tried the pizza at the Italiaan, to be honest I am not impressed some people like it. But I will not recommend it. The other place I haven’t been there yet, but I have a better feeling about it. The gluten-free dough is coming from Italy. You need to reserve a day before and tell them that you want to eat a gluten-free pizza so they can make sure your pizza is completely gluten-free


Special occasions 


Do you have something to celebrate or just want to go out to a nice and romantic date in a more high-end restaurant?


The Duchess a higher end restaurant serves delicious food, many healthy vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian/paleo options. I tried different vegetable starters, a quinoa salad and their sea bass, it was great.


Do you want to go on a romantic more special date? Than you should try Vuurtoren eiland. It is a restaurant on a small Island behind Central Station you can only come there by boat. They pick you up with a boat from the Movenpick hotel and bring you to the island. There they serve you a four course healthy dinner. The boat trip and dinner takes in total 5 hours. In the summer you can sit outside. In the winter they serve dinner in a fort with an open fire, were you can cuddle up under a warm blanket. Nice food, great vibe and very romantic. You need to make a reservation true their website, see link below.


Website: Vuurtoren eiland


For more healthy restaurants in Amsterdam and extensive blog posts by restaurant have a look under locations and than Amsterdam. I will add every week some new locations.

Poke Perfect

Poke Perfect Amsterdam * Healthy Hotspots


Poke Perfect is the first poke bowl restaurant in Amsterdam. Poke is a Hawaiian dish, originally consisting of sushi rice, raw fish and several different toppings served in a bowl. It’s like sushi in a bowl. If you are not a big fan of raw fish, no worries at Poke Perfect they serve also smoked chicken and tofu. They also serve sushirritos. A big sushi wrap filled with the ingredients you desire. You can choose sushi rice as your base, but as well quinoa or organic kale, different vegetable toppings and a premium. You can either create your own bowl or sushirritos or choose one of their six signature bowls. Poke Perfect is a new restaurant and located on the Prinsengracht, closed to the Leidseplein. It is a perfect place for a healthy lunch or dinner.


Poke Perfect Amsterdam | Healthy Hotspots

Poke Perfect Amsterdam ** Healthy Hotspots



  • Diet options: vegan, flexitarian, paleo, gluten-free
  • Dinner options: Lunch, Dinner
  • Price: Medium


  • Address: Prinsengracht 502, 1017 KH Amsterdam
  • Opening Times: Monday – Thursday 11.30 – 21.00, Saturday & Sunday 11.30 – 22.00 hour
  • Website: Poke Perfect


Dignita - Healthy Hotspots


At Dignita restaurant you can enjoy brunch at any time of the day.  All the dishes are created from scratch with fresh, ethically and locally sourced ingredients. The dishes on the menu have international influences and are all professionally crafted. On the menu you can find healthy fresh juices, a vegan vegetable bowl with gluten free grains, zucchini fritters, coconut yoghurt with homemade gluten free granola and many more tasteful and healthy dishes. The restaurant serves as well meat and fish dishes. The interior is very cozy and a perfect place to meet friend for an all day brunch. They have a kids corner and a long table were you can sit with your computer.


Dignita - Healthy Hotspots


Dignita - Healthy Hotspots


Dignita is part of the Not for Sale social enterprise model. This enterprise helps victims of human trafficking to return to the working world. Dignita helps female victims with trainings and support to reintegrate in the workplace and society.


Dignita - Healthy Hotspots


I personally find it a great initiative and Dignita a perfect place to go and enjoy the whole day of a delicious brunch!


  • Diet options: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, sugar free, paleo
  • Dinner options: breakfast, lunch, drinks
  • Price: medium


  • Location: Koninginneweg 218, 1075 EL Amsterdam
  • Opening times: Monday-Sunday 09.00 – 17.00 hour
  • Website: Dignita

The Meets Eatery



The Meets is a new healthy and delicious eatery and take-away in the Pijp area in Amsterdam. They believe that great food and great company are crucial ingredients for a good life. Every day the chef prepares healthy and delicious vegan and vegetarian meals. They use honest and if possible organic ingredients free from refined sugars, additives or other nastiness. They follow the 80/20 rule; 80% plant-based, 20% animal produce and the main rule is always 100% tasty. Delicious food that happens to be good for you.


the meets eatery amsterdam


The Meets serves some nice dishes that are great as well for sharing, like their mezze platter, kale salad, beetroot balls, nori rolls and sweet potato fries. They have some nice and special dishes as there Farnita; a delicious Italian chickpea pancake topped with roasted tomatoes, arugula and Parmigiano flakes. Besides the good food and nice interior I find it great that they are open for dinner. It’s the perfect place to meet up with friends for some healthy (share) dining, lunch or drinks and bites.




  • Diet options: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, sugar free, plant-based, paleo, raw-food
  • Dinner options: breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, bites, take-away
  • Price: medium


  • Location: Cornelis Troostplein 3
  • Opening times: Monday-Sunday 08.00 am – 10.00 pm
  • Website: The Meets Eatery