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Visiting the Provence was one of my favorite holiday’s. It’s so amazingly beautiful and peaceful here. I was walking around with my camera and everything around me was so beautiful I could just go on taking pictures. I visited in the fall. In spring time, you have blossom lavender and sunflower fields. A beautiful decor. I stayed in a small village Lacoste in the Luberon area. From there we explored the towns around. As we were in autumn there were many pumpkins growing and fresh pumpkins from the fields sold at markets. They have many nice food markets and some cozy restaurants that serve pure food. Here under my selection.


La Fournil

La Fournil is a Mediterranean restaurant in Bonnieux. Here they serve dishes like grilled vegetables with goat cheese, roast chicken and fish with vegetables and rice. The food is great and the atmosphere is nice.


This place is suitable if you are a flexitarian or life according the paleo lifestyle.


Website: Le Fournil

Address: 5 Place Carnot84480 Bonnieux, France
Price: expensive


Across the restaurant La Fournil you have a nice store/cafe that sells and serves wine and organic tea with raw lavender honey. It’s the best honey I have tried. They sell their tea and honey here as well. I don’t remember the name of this place but it is across Le Fournill restaurant if you go there you will see it. Definitely worth a visit if you like good wines and good tea. Great atmosphere!


La Bastide de Marie


This place is just perfection! If you want to enjoy a lunch or dinner in a beautiful surrounding this place is just perfect. It is not a typical healthy hotspot, but you can find some fresh and nice dishes on the menu. They have fresh fruit, hummus with vegetable sticks, meat and fish dishes and there was a vegetarian dish on the menu. If you have specific food wishes you can email the location and see if there is something that fits your diet. This place requires a reservation.


Provence | Healthy Hotspots


Website: La Bastide de Marie

Address: 64 Chemin des Peirelles84560 Menerbes, France

Price: expensive+


Le Gordes Mange 


In the village Gordes you find this small restaurant. The place is run by the owner, his wife and a great chef. They have a few dishes on the menu and all of excellent taste. They use the best organic ingredients and everything is super fresh. The food is pure and tasty. It was one of my favorite places to eat in the Provence. The place is charming and the owners are kind and welcoming, having no problem to adjust the dishes and think with me what I was able to eat. Highly recommended.


Province | Healthy-Hotspots


Provance | Healthy Hotspots


This place is suitable for all types of diets (advisable to bring gluten-free bread if you eat gluten-free and go for lunch and want some carbs to fill you up)


Website: Le Gordes Mange

Address: Rue André Lhote, 84220 Gordes, France
Price: medium


Farmer Market


At the Farmer market you will find stands of farmers who sell there produce. Think of products like vegetables, fruit, cheese, honey, juices and more. During my stay I bought here some fruit, vegetables, nuts, honey and cheese and made dinner and breakfast at home that we had in the garden. We really enjoyed it. They sell fish and poultry as well if you are looking for that.


Provence - Healthy-Hotspots


This place is suitable for every (lifestyle) diet


Website: Farmer Market
Location: see website for different locations.


L’ilse sur la Sorgue Market 


On Sunday we went to L’ilse sur la Sorgue it’s a small town with a market and antiques. If you like antiquing, it’s a perfect place to go. You can walk around the market, buy some fresh products and sit in one of the nice cafe’s. In the area with the antiques you have some nice typical French cafes with good quality food. Avoid the touristic places.

On the side of the antiques you will find a small museum with a garden. It’s worth a visit. Visit is free of charge.


Provance > Healthy Hotspots


*As you are not in the city you will not find typical healthy hotspots here. But there are some nice restaurants. If you suffer from harsh food in sensitivities, I would advise you to bring gluten-free bread. In the supermarket I found here pre packet gluten-free bread (not the healthy type). I rented out a home and cooked often at home. If you eat meanly plant-based and gluten-free it can be hard sometimes to find food to your needs every moment of the day. So I can really advice you to visit a market or supermarket and prepare some things as well at home and to enjoy some lunch and dinners out door. We had a garden so eating home was a pleasure.



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