Easy Peasy Breakfast Smoothie


Easy Peasy Breakfast Smoothie - Healthy Hotspots


I love breakfast smoothies, it’s the perfect way to start the day! I know that many people think that eating healthy is hard, but making this smoothie will only cost you 2 minutes. And you will have a smoothie full with vitamins and good fibers. It tastes very delicious, sweet, fresh and fruity.


Easy Peasy Breakfast Smoothie - Healthy Hotspots


The banana makes this smoothie a bit thick and filling, while the berries give it a beautiful color and fruity flavor and the apple gives you a good doses of healthy fibers. I add some mint leaves to my smoothie when I have them at home. Mint promotes digestion and it soothes the stomach and has anti inflammation properties. If you feel like you need some more bite, you can place the smoothie in a bowl and add some homemade granola.


Easy Peasy Breakfast Smoothie - Healthy Hotspots


When I go on holiday I bring a small travel blender with me and buy locally some fresh fruit and makes this delicious smoothie. It’s really so easy. All you need is a blender, some fruits and water.


This recipe is for two smoothies. Either you can share it or you can place one in the fridge for the next day. It will safe you some time the next morning.


Easy Peasy Breakfast Smoothie


2 serves




1 banana

1 apple

handful of strawberries

handful blueberries

3 mint leaves (optional)

175 ml water




Peel the banana and cut the fruit in pieces. Place the fruit and mint leaves in the blender. Add the water and blend until smooth.


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