Hello and welcome to Healthy Hotspots!

Since a few years now I have discovered being sensitive to food, such as wheat and dairy. I have changed since then my whole lifestyle and eat mainly organic, whole food, 80% plant-based and gluten, lactose and refined sugar free. In the beginning I had to get used to my changed lifestyle it took me a while to find the right stores, recipes and places to eat. At home I found slowly my way. Eating healthy made me feel so good that made keeping it relatively easy. The only trouble I had was when I was eating out or when traveling. I often found myself feeling unwell after a fun evening out or after traveling and that made being social and going out sometimes very hard.

Last year I went to Paris and I decided to go well prepared on holiday. I have looked up all the places that serve healthy food and are nice as well to bring people whom live according to a regular lifestyle. During my trip I visit them all and it actually was very fun. The places looked nice, the food was tasty and even my boyfriend could enjoy it. The past year I have traveled to many places and tried out many healthy hotspots that I have decided to start a blog and share all the healthy places I have found with you.

“Who ever said eating healthy is boring didn’t know where to eat.”

You can find on my blog many places around the world where you can eat healthy, tasty and where you can bring your friends and family and enjoy eating out. Who ever said eating healthy is boring didn’t know where to eat. Every week new locations will be added and I hope to share here all the healthy hotspots around the globe with you.

All this traveling has inspired me to try out new dishes and experiment at home with cooking. I will share my recipes here with you. I hope my blog will inspire you with eating healthy in and out door.

Lots of love,